It truly has happened to the best of marketers. They place a perfectly designed and executed ad, they carefully select the target, the budget, the graphics and SWISH - off it goes to the realm of Facebook and Instagram for review.


Your inbox pings.

“Your ad is in review.”



10 minutes later it pings again.

“Your ad was rejected.”

What? Why? How? What did I do wrong? 


So obvious violations of content will be immediately rejected (illegal services, drug-related posts, adult content, etc). And to be honest, if you’re reading here for insight on why that type of ad was rejected…off you go now. 



What normally is the case, is that you are unknowingly using one small aspect of a paid ad that has immediately caused the rejection. And it’s fixable!

So don’t be dismayed when you receive this notice, let’s go through a few steps to fix and move forward. 


Why did my ad get rejected? 🙁 

There are a number of ways you’ll receive notification on this status - including in your Ads Manager or Business Suite, via email, and in your notifications. So head over to your manager of choice and browse your recent ads to find the rejected version.


Click on the View Results button and you will find details on the “why.” 

And most of the time, it’s one tiny thing.

  • You are posting about a new vacation rental available for a resort area, BUT you skipped the option to click the Special Ad Category: Real Estate section. #rejected
  • You are posting about a networking event and in the description of the ad you put the word “cocktails.” #robotrejected (as in a Robot reviewing your ad scanned and identified the word ‘cocktails’ and immediately nixed your attempts. 
  • You’re posting an Open House for a new real estate listing and decide that you want to target a specific demographic and income category. #rejected


Review, Revise, and Resubmit!

The Robots are tough, but you are tougher. Review your ad, edit it, and resubmit. (Select the Special Ad category, update ‘cocktails’ to say refreshments, remove the income category, etc.)


Note that once you receive a notice that your ad has been rejected, there is an option to “Request Review.” But really, the Bots in social space are not going to review the same ad again and all of a sudden say, “Ohhhh, ok then.” Nope. Review and revise, then request a review, or resubmit. It’ll show that your ad was updated and you did your best to update to the required rules and regulations. 


Typically within just a few hours, the ad will be placed in review again, and if you have corrected the offending issue, it’s approved and you are on your way to effective marketing once again.


Robots Have No Compassion

And here’s the major insight, you’re going to appeal and try to reason with a Bot, so don’t get frustrated! If all else fails, you can attempt to “Contact Support.” That likely isn’t going to work, and you’ll get pushed to a Frequently Asked Questions support page, so trust me the best way to fix it is to revise and request review for both platforms! 


Fun fact, did you know part of my DFY (Done For You) client services is organizing, designing, and launching paid social media advertising? Instead of waging war against the Social ‘Bots, work with us and we’ll handle the design, targeting, and the analytics once your ads are off and running. You sit back and enjoy the income 🙂 


Let’s chat about your social media advertising strategy and review how we can help to expand your reach and engagement!

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