What is a Sales Page?

What is a sales page? The short answer is a page that’s purpose is to turn a visitor into a client. The tricky part is what you include on your sales page, so it converts whoever is looking at it! 

Your sales page is not your landing page or website. They have similar goals, but your sales page should be a more detailed look at what you are providing and to really sell your offer. 

You may be asking yourself, “what should I include on my sales page?” 

This is where I come in! Starting off, you will need a strong headline; this will grab your viewer's attention, leaving them wanting to read more.

If you are a business coach, a great headline would be “Learn the Next Moves to turn your $10k/month business into a $30k/month Business! ”. Clients want to feel like you understand their struggle and that you are a professional. Doing this will tell them you understand without them having to even tell you their issue! 

You will also want to include the benefit of working with you or purchasing your offer. This should revolve around their issue and what you have that will help (and why!). If you are a social media manager, you will want to focus on how much time they will have to focus more on their product or service and less on social media marketing since you’ll be taking care of it! 

The goal is to sell someone on your company, product, or service, leaving them with the feeling of reassurance that they are in good hands with you. 

Another way to do this is using testimonials or case studies. Not only are you providing a benefit of struggle = solution, but they are able to read reviews from other business owners who have worked with you. After all, most people try restaurants because of what they have heard or reviews they have!

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