Three Major Upselling Mistakes

You have your lead hooked and they have progressed their way through the funnel to your checkout page. But wait. What if there is an option to address a higher need, a relevant product, or a premium service? Hit them with an upsell opportunity with post-purchase product and service add-ons and you can increase your revenue in seconds! 


A lead has purchased your monthly coaching academy, but what if you offer additional private coaching sessions as an upgrade? #Upsell


A customer signs up for email automation services but what if there is an option for you to sell a relatable product of social media management as an add-on? #Cross-sell


No one is new to the upsell. We’ve seen them in everything we check out for online purchases. Have you been pushed to upgrade your airline seat, purchase the premium beverage package on a cruise, or even add on the makeup brushes that work perfectly for that eyeshadow pallet you just purchased? If you think, why yes! You’ve been upsold, and your seller is doing a little dance on the boost in income.


Do your own dance, and incorporate your upsell and cross-selling methods into your products. It’s important to always give the customer the opportunity to increase their purchase. The obvious reason is to increase your revenue, with an additional benefit of having a customer that extends their business with your product, opening the door for more sales down the line.


BUT - be sure you know your customer and your funnels are set and organized perfectly to guide them along the way. Try and avoid these top three common upsell mistakes.


1. Keep your upsell to just one extra page after checkout. 

Upsell Mistakes

Hit them with the upsell opportunities and a quick and efficient way to add them in and checkout. Don’t hit them with another, and another, and another, or you get to the level of being pushy. Too many choices will make your customer feel overwhelmed, and confused, and off they go. Make your upsell offers clear and concise immediately after check-out, making it easy to understand why these products could additionally benefit the customer, and your upsell rate will increase substantially. 


2. Track your leads and make sure the correct message is sent.

Upsell Mistakes


There are a ton of email automation options to reach your lead at the right time, BUT it’s important to make sure you are tracking exactly where those leads are and you are targeting them with the right message. You obviously don’t want to send an “abandoned cart” message to someone who should be receiving a “thank you for purchasing” or a “welcome” message. Your message should also be customized to your seller. Use their name, and customize the message to their actions. If they are a repeat customer, thank them for returning and offer upsell products related to their purchase. Do not introduce yourself and your services, because that comes off as…well…automated. Be personal, relate to your customer, and provide solutions to their issue. You’ll build trust and valued customers, that will return and continue to purchase your offers. 


3. Don’t be so pushy!

Upsell Mistakes


As mentioned above, keep your upsell clear, short, and simple. And hey, sometimes, the customer is laser-focused on that one product and will say “no” to the upsell. And that’s okay. You have them as a customer and the opportunity to approach them later with relatable products. But for now, don’t push them again. Keep the sales funnel going, and let them focus on the product at hand. Maybe they’ll come back again at a later date, or maybe they won’t, but taking a step back from the push will leave a positive impact in their mind on the product and the checkout experience. 


The upsell is golden revenue. It helps your customer enjoy the product and feel as if they are getting the best value out of the experience. So give them the option, and make it nice. Make it simple, and watch your income grow!


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