The Best Social Platforms to Sell On

Let’s get excited about social selling. If you’re not doing it, close up shop and head home to your rotary phone, you’re vintage! Just kidding 🙂


But seriously, it’s time to get on board with the ever-growing world of sales through social media platforms. As eCommerce trends continue to soar, so too has the opportunity for sellers to use social media as a digital commerce avenue. So, if you’re not selling your product via these top four platforms, maybe get started…today. 


Imagine a world where you are able to promote your product directly to the consumer who needs or wants it. Tada! That’s where social media comes in. These networks have the unique ability to allow sellers to build trust with a consumer, and a focused following of purchasers relevant to your product.  


To put it in perspective, here are some helpful facts and insight on why you should be using these top social media platforms to sell your products.



Fun Fact: 44% of users (2 billion users, that is) shop for products on Instagram weekly, and 28% of those shoppers are specifically seeking an item, instead of just scrolling into one.


Instagram has a great platform for user reach and a ton of different ways to keep people interested in your brand and product. Post to your grid, highlight a sale in your stories, and launch a new product with a reel. However you promote your product, (and we highly recommend using all three methods) Instagram is in the lead with unique and fun ways to reach your users and keep them engaged enough to convert them to customers. 


social platforms to sell on



Fun Fact: LinkedIn users are some of the most educated, highest earning members of the social media community. 51% of LinkedIn users are college-educated, and half of the platform’s users earn more than $75,000/year. 


With LinkinIn’s main focus on networking and careers, you know that the users you are reaching are experienced and knowledgeable about your content and products. This is a huge platform for B2B products because of your ability to solve a professional need. Join groups that are similar to your product or service, make posts with relatable content, and/or respond to existing posts with your knowledge and insight. LinkedIn is giving you educated, career-focused users, in a platform based on discussion and solutions. Start the conversation!


social platforms to sell on



Fun Fact: Shoppers on Pinterest have 85% larger shopping carts than buyers on other platforms. 


There’s that keyword - carts. Grow that customer’s cart with a return to Pinterest! It’s not just for your future dream vacation board, it’s for selling, and it’s growing in popularity with more than 400 million monthly users. Pinterest is a community, and the platform has developed unique shop opportunities for the community to find you, purchase your product, and value your services. Not to mention a variety of ways to target your consumer, and even retarget them based on their search preferences and cart items. 


social platforms to sell on


Facebook Group

Fun Fact: 1.8 billion people use Facebook Groups every month. 


It’s a no-brainer when it comes to Facebook Groups. Groups are a way to connect with like-minded individuals. Grow your brand with the creation of a FB Group, and continue to promote it to new users and leads with highlights in other platforms. Did you just host a webinar? Encourage attendees to head over to the group and post the top three things they learned. Post a thought-provoking question: “What do you think you could do to improve your conversion rate?” As members post their thoughts, interact and engage with them, and then hook them with a follow-up post about a product that could help their struggles. This group is a direct target market, of actively interested members that will see and engage with your content posts, start selling to them with planned, thought-provoking content and watch your product grow!



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