The Best Funnel for Your Industry

Look at a sales funnel as a journey. It takes a visitor to your website or landing page and guides them along to the purchase, or the action you want them to take. With the right type of funnel, you can take a website visitor and convert them into a repeating, loyal customer. With the wrong funnel, say goodbye to the website visitor - you’ve confused them, they’re overwhelmed, they don’t know what they want, and they’re gone! 


So first step, pick which funnel works best for your service or product. With a clear message, a concise offer, and a narrative that guides the visitor along, you can sit back and pat yourself on the back. You’re on the way to success, thanks to an efficient funnel and effective marketing. 

Coaching/Consultant Get those customers to set an appointment! Set up automated appointment booking with appointment reminders and follow-up information. Then funnel the customer into a high ticket item ($5,000) or more. If the appointment was successful, and a connection was made, they will be more likely to continue their investment to learn more about what you have to offer.
Course Creator The best way to drive customers to take a course, is to give them a little snippet or a sneak peek of what you are offering. Capture their interest with an Evergreen Webinar, or a Masterclass. This gives you the opportunity to highlight your course content, detail your experience and knowledge, and provide more information on what you are offering with automated emails set up to detail and sell the actual course. Hook them with the Masterclass, and convert them with the course.
Product-Based Business A newsletter funnel is a great way to capture leads and guide them through the process to the eventual purchase. “Learn more about this product!” You generate interest, provide product information and highlights, list a countdown to product release, host a flash sale, offer an exclusive discount, and more until the purchase is complete. The best part about this type of sales funnel is that you have a group of engaged customers. Following the purchase, you can hook them on other opportunities. “If you loved this product, try this similar one that is just released for an exclusive discount!”
Digital Business for Recurring Income So much to review, so little a space! For a recurring income, set up a funnel that starts with a Tiny Offer. Identify your ideal customer, and then come up with an affordable product or service that will ease that customer’s current problem. This isn’t your end goal, this is to build leads and trust with a customer, while also having passive income. They pay a small fee for an Evergreen Webinar, a worksheet, a meal plan, or anything that immediately answers their current problem. The product is automated and the customer’s purchase takes them to the product. The key to Tiny Offers is the upsell. This affordable product is the solution to the current problem, but the funnel takes the customer through identifying expanded solutions, available for purchase at a higher price range. The upsell takes the customer past the core offer and into the packages, memberships, programs, and more.

So moving forward, there are a ton of different funnels to hook your leads and push them to invest in your service or product, just make sure you are developing the right funnel for your customer. 


You can work with my team, and we can create a high-converting funnel that creates user trust, and promotes your product, while you focus on the product itself! 

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