What is the ultimate marketing tool? 

Which product will best serve your marketing and sales funnel needs?

There are so many! Which do I go for?


Fear not! I have done a deep dive into the world of sales funnel building, and I have your answer. There are so many options out there - Kajabi, Kartra, ClickFunnels, DropFunnels, etc. And they have a number of similar opportunities for drag and drop sales funnels, but I find that DropFunnels is the clear winner, and here are my top reasons why:


The Price



DropFunnels, while one of the newer platforms on the market, is also one of the most price effective of the funnel builders. And its multifaceted, customized drag and drop options, really give you a band for your buck! For only $97/month you have access to unlimited funnels and pipelines, automated integrations, and course builds. Compared to other funnel software, what a bargain! 


The Funnels




DropFunnels has unlimited funnels, which is great. But the best part is the customization aspect. This software is set up with Beaver Build through WordPress so the drag and drop options are user-friendly and the design is above and beyond those clunky block-style designs most you see with other platforms.


CRM (Customer Relationship Management)




I love DropFunnels for its sales tracking statistics. You can follow analytics for each sale funnel, track leads, and have a clear snapshot of where customers are in the conversion process.


Integrations & Add-ons




One part where DropFunnels excels is its integrations and add-ons. It’s not just about building the sales funnel, it’s about the additional features you can use to accent your sales and help convert that lead to a paying customer!

  • Blogging & SEO: DropFunnels puts an emphasis on SEO optimization which helps it to stand out among its competitors. With the Beaver Build and WordPress platforms, it’s optimized for you to not only build funnels and courses, but also service-relevant blogs with SEO optimization for Google ranking. 
  • Online Courses: There are unlimited course builds and membership options and with the drag and drop design ability, each one can look unique and have a fresh approach to your product.


  • Website Domains: With DropFunnels you can move everything under one roof. Integrate your Domaine into DF and host your website, funnels, courses, memberships, SMS marketing, payment, invoicing, and more. Plus you have the ability to integrate your email program which will help with email automation and sequencing. 
  • Video & Content Assets: The key to DropFunnels is its all-in-one platform, so with that comes the ability to upload and house all of your marketing videos, webinars, and courses, without having to jump to a third party such as Vimeo and Wistia. 



And More

With DropFunnels the customization of your sales funnel is key, and the add-ons available are great for connecting with your leads and moving them toward the purchase. 


  • Invoicing: Obviously, your job with a sales funnel is to convert leads into paying clients, and with DropFunnels you can integrate your payment processor for seamless check-outs and sales tracking. 


  • Pixel Tracking: DropFunnels is in the business of making things easy and the tracking analytics are superior to other funnel platforms. You can easily set up pixel tracking on each funnel page, and track who is landing on each page throughout the process. 
  • SMS: SMS Marketing is a great way to connect with your customer, and give them a sense of VIP-level status. You can use this outreach for exclusive customer offers, discounts, or even just a personalized message to say thank you. With DropFunnels it has an easy integration to attach SMS marketing to each individual funnel so you can directly connect with each lead. 


And really that just scratches the surface on sales funnel platforms. But truly, I have worked through all of these, and I really like DropFunnels. The design and customization options stand out for professional-looking sales and marketing services, and the pricing and SEO optimization tools help to have this platform rank at the top for me! 


What do your sales funnels look like? Take a look into how DropFunnels is the best product to help you increase your conversion rate, with an easy-to-use platform, a professional look, and an all-in-one platform for your business marketing needs.

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