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The Funnels, Emails & Lead Magnets Bootcamp

Create High Converting Funnels, Emails, & Lead Magnets that will bring in excited clients on autopilot

NEW! Funnels, Emails & Lead Magnets Bootcamp

For the first time ever, you can get insider access to our proven training & tools. So you can create high converting low, medium, high ticket funnels, emails, and lead magnets for your business

Use our funnel training, email templates, and lead magnets to launch successful campaigns in 7 days or less, even if your past funnel, emails, or lead magnets didn't convert well or you "suck" at tech!

“Don’t optimize for conversions, optimize for revenue.” – Neil Patel

If you're like most business owners I've helped, you're living in frustration and your business is getting left behind in this online world...

Especially if you only have 1 program generating income for your business.

Conversion Numbers Low

Inconsistent Lead Flow

Noncaptivating Copy

Sucky or No Email Marketing

Zero Follow Up Strategy

Lack Of Month to Month Projections

Relying On 1 Program to Generate 6+ Figures For Your Biz

Crappy Lead Magnets That Go Nowhere

No Customer Lead Flow

Don't fix these issues and your business will get left behind in this digital world.

When I first started my business I was told to just "launch a high ticket" and sell on Instagram...

I mean, it sounded great, but as a brand new business, would just 1 offer selling on 1 platform really work to attract clients?

The answer I quickly learned, was No...

If you don't believe me, go look at the offers people like Jenna Kutcher, Amy Porterfield, Tony Robbins, and Marie Forleo have.

It's a lot. 

After listening to my mentor, their plan not working well, and me wasting thousands of $$$ and time, I realized that you need multiple offers, and the best way to easily market them on autopilot is through Funnels, Emails, and Lead Magnets 😉

Now, my agency helps busy business owners create high converting Funnels, Emails, and Lead Magnets so they can scale past 6-figures and finally have client consistency within their business.

Because of that, I've decided to put together my top pieces of training on Funnels, Emails, & Lead Magnets for you to learn from and repeat in your business.

When you start incorporating Funnels, Emails, and Lead Magnets Bootcamp into your business here's what happens>>>


1. You have multiple offers you can market to a much broader audience

2. You have emails constantly sending with amazing conversion rates

3. You can track your customer journey so you know when they click to buy or when they fall off

4. You have amazing follow-up strategies in place so when customers don't buy, you can politely retarget them

5. Your lead magnets are actually becoming huge assets for your business as they convert cold leads to warm

6. You have client consistency and can finally project month to month sales

7. You have automation turned on which means your business is running and bringing in sales 24/7 while you are sleeping or FINALLY enjoying vacation

What you'll learn from this course

Marketing Funnels, Emails, & Lead Magnets are massive assets for your business. They are created for high user experience to funnel your audience from a cold to warm or hot lead. Which of course, results in more clients by creating more Like, Know, and Trust! Oh, and all of this is done automatically saving you so much time so you can take that much-needed time off & actually enjoy it.

So, what are you waiting for? Let's dive in!



I know you've heard of a "sales page" but what about landing pages? What about a lead page? Or the other funnels that lead into your low, medium, and high ticket offers? It can be a lot of moving pieces, but that's what I go over in detail - how to build out your low, medium, high ticket funnels so you're set for success.



With funnels come emails! And I can not stress ENOUGH how important emails are. Every funnel should have an email sequence similar to a pre and post sequence depending on your offer or upsell. I discuss email sequences & campaigns and best practices to make sure you have high conversion rates.


Lead Magnets

Lead magnets are massive for your business. These little digital products are the way to go if you want to bring in more clients, grow your email list, and convert traffic from cold to warm. What do lead magnets include you ask? Click to watch this course as I discuss how to create lead magnets.

Are you ready to create high-converting Funnels, Emails, & Lead Magnets?

My team and I created this boot camp for you so you can actually start implementing everything in your own business & get results without being a tech expert!


Digital Mockup FEL Course

The Funnels, Emails, & Lead Magnets Bootcamp

Learn How To Get More Clients & Gain Back Your Time Freedom With High Converted Funnels, Emails, & Lead Magnets All Running On Autopilot

Today Only


($997.00 Value)

Meet Caroline Lewis.

With a digital marketing background, I started my business to help online entrepreneurs free up their time spent manually running their business to get clients. My company does this by building & managing high converting & automated marketing funnels, as well as carefully curated email marketing that boosts lead generation. We focus on building & managing low, medium, high ticket funnels & products, writing & integrating email sequences, running paid advertisements, and building lead magnets. I have built, launched, integrated, and tested numerous funnels, emails, and lead magnets so I know the material inside this course will help!

Let me know that you've purchased this course by tagging me on Instagram @carolinelewisconsulting!

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