Landing Page Explained


Whether you have had your business for ten years, five years or you are brand new, a landing page is one of the essential parts of your business’ online presence. This is where your clients will either stay on your page and look further or move on to another company’s page. 

So what is a landing page, and how can we improve our conversion rates? 

  • First, we need to decide what type of landing page you need! There are two main types of landing pages, and they each have very different purposes! Starting, we have the lead-generating landing page. This type aims to get people to input their information to access more information like a workbook, checklist, download, etc. This benefits your business by collecting the potential customer’s information to then be able to follow up with them in the future. Then you have the clickthrough landing page, which is typically used by eCommerce companies. This leads users to the checkout process and works to complete the purchase. Either of these types is a great way to convert customers and increase your conversion rate, but you have to use the correct type for your company! 
  • The layout alone can change your landing page! If you make it easy for customers to use your landing page, the more they will look around your website, the higher your chances of purchasing. So, make sure your page flow and has a consistent design and a straightforward layout.
  • Finally, what do you need to include on your landing page? High converting landing pages typically have these five components! 
    • A clearly stated proposition. This can be done in your header and carried throughout your page. The purpose of this is to make sure that your future customers know what your business is about 
    • Add images that match your brand on your page! You want to give viewers something to see; this can be your product, you, or your logo. 
    • Focused call to action! Tell your viewers exactly what you want them to do. This  can look like “purchase here” or “click here.” 
    • Benefits and features are huge; share what they will receive when they purchase from your company with your customers. This is your chance to share why the customer needs to purchase from your company over another company.
    • Testimonials could be considered one of the most critical parts of your company’s marketing! People trust what other people say about products or services, so share those testimonials on your landing page. 

Creating a successful landing page doesn’t happen overnight and will take time. If you are still needing help, I am here to help you! Let’s schedule a time to chat about your business and how we can take your marketing to ext. Hit me up on Instagram!

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