How to Tell You’re Using the Right Platforms to Sell Your Offer

What’s the benefit of selling your offer on social versus traditional sales methods? One easy answer. Connection. Social selling gives the seller a unique opportunity to directly target and then connect with the customer base. And even better, you are connecting through the entire sales process - from interest to awareness, to purchase and back again. 


Next question - which platform should you use? 

There are actually hundreds of social platforms you can use to sell on, but what are the ones you SHOULD be using? The first step in figuring this out is identifying your audience. Who is your customer? Male or female? How old? What are their interests? What is their income level? Their professional field, or future goals? 

Demographic: The top three age groups of Instagram users are 18-24yo, 25-34yo, and 35-44yo. 

This platform, while geared towards a younger target audience is perfect for a product or service-based offer because of its visually appealing post opportunities. Customers are up close and personal with your product through a variety of post options. And options are aplenty! You can post to your Story Highlights with organized products, go live with a how-to on using the product, post stories leading up to the release of the product (or service), and even use a trending song to post a reel. Utilizing all posting options is a magnet to customers, and keeps them on your page while building a trustworthy source of information for your business. Bonus if you can link up with an influencer to further post about your product, you expand your trust and connection with the customer, and encourage them to return again and again!


Demographic: The largest percentage of LinkedIn users (45%) earn $75,000 and above, and more than 50% of Americans with a college education have a LinkedIn account. 

Making this platform the highest educated, and highest earning group on social. If you’re in B2B marketing, then LinkedIn is your platform. With just a click (or a connection) you are well on your way to selling to the exact demographic you need to reach. Calling all professionals, coaches, consultants, and corporations, the time is now to start selling on LinkedIn - make the connection and start promoting your product!


Demographic: Tik Tok is rapidly growing in users…as well as demographics. It’s a young crew with nearly 80 million users as of 2022, 34 million of which belong to Gen Z. 

However, due to the world being stuck at home for months looking for expanded content to watch, this platform is rapidly growing in older age brackets as well. 

Also, don’t blink, because what’s trending today, is gone tomorrow! And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Brands need to move fast to stay on the ever-evolving viral trend, but it’s a great way to relate to customers and utilize the platform for product launches and #passiveincome. Hop on TikTok for the fast-paced world of affiliate marketing as a #sidehustle. 


Demographic: Do not snooze on Facebook, especially when it comes to the 1.8 billion people who opt-in to Facebook Groups.  

With Facebook Groups, you have a client base that is knowledgeable about your product or service and intentionally acts to receive more information about it. In fact, they are practically asking for it! Slide by the ever-changing algorithms of generic Facebook posting, and focus more on dedicated groups to sell products. It’s a great way to connect to customers, start product discussions, acquire reviews, and maintain a customer base for future product launches!


Demographics: This one goes out to the ladies. Literally, women make up the core group of Pinterest users with 38% of users between the age of 50 and 64.

Do NOT count this group or this platform out. It is a platform based on women empowering other women with fashion, style, design, and creativity. Pinterest is a community-based platform where users are looking for trusted products and proven services. The visual aspect to posting encourages creativity and inspiration among users, and the platform hosts a large user group of relevant customers waiting to hear more about your product or service!


With so many platforms to play around with, it can get overwhelming, but that’s where I come in. I specialize in DFY marketing, meaning I do it…for you! 

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