How to Host a High Converting Challenge

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Hosting a challenge can seem daunting! If you are thinking about hosting one, you most likely have so many goals and ideas, which is absolutely perfect. The scary part is getting people to participate! I have been there, and now I am here to help you. 

First off, where do you want to lead your potential participants? Ideally, a landing page is where you want them to go, sign up and learn more about your challenge. This needs to be a high converting landing page, giving a specific CTA (call-to-action) and drawing your participants to sign up. 

Then we have the one I cannot stress enough, emails! They can make or break your challenge. You want to show your participants you are excited about them being there and keep engaging with them after they sign up to when they purchase your offer. 

  • Email your participants that you are excited to have them with a 5-day drip campaign. Start off by welcoming them right after they sign up. This will show them that you are on top of it and can even remind them what they signed up for. In this email, introduce yourself, what you do, and overall a view of what is happening.
  • A couple of days before your challenge, send countdown emails. People get busy and occasionally need reminding as well as to get excited. 
  • The emails don't stop there! I recommend an email per day of the challenge. These can be recaps of the day, ideas about the challenge's topic, or even more about your company! 
  • After your amazing challenge is completed, you'll still have emails going out! Send participants thank you emails then straight into your post-challenge sales emails. These sales emails talk about what is happening with your company, ideas and suggestions on the topic the challenge was on, and other services/products that could be useful to the participants. 

During your challenge, you want to keep your participants engaged. While you can create a presentation, I recommend you do most of the talking - keep your presentation slides neat and not filled with words.  

A challenge is a great way to get paying clients. I highly recommend having one and have seen great results from them! 

Does this seem overwhelming? I am here to help you. With our Done For You Challenge Funnels, all you do is show up, and we handle the rest 🙂  Click here and book a time that works with your schedule

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