Email Sequences You Need to Use in Your Business

What is email sequencing, and why do you need it? 


When your lead performs a task such as signing up for your newsletter or purchasing an item, you have an email sequence designed and ready to automatically send once the lead hits the finish line. The sequence emails are trigger-based and can be customized for a number of tasks, including a welcome email, cart reminders, upsells, and more!


There are many different sequencing options, but here are the top three that I think are the most important.  


3-Day Welcome Nurture Campaign

This is a set of three emails, sent back-to-back after a lead ‘opts-in.’ The series helps your new customer get to know you and the services you offer.

    • Welcome Email - This email is sent as soon as the lead completes an action (signs up for a newsletter, clicks to receive more information, purchases a product). Welcome to my company! Here is a little bit more about me and what you can expect to learn.
    • Blog Post/Product Highlight - The second email can be information pertaining to what they were clicking on. Consider setting up a trigger-based email containing a blog entry or product feature on a relevant topic. If a client clicks to learn more about DFY email sequencing, set up the second email to be a blog post about the “Top 3 Email Sequences You Need to Use in Your Business.” It moves the lead into trusting you and showing that you provide relevant information that they are seeking.
    • Call to Action - On the third day, you have welcomed them to your company, thanked them for their interest, and built trust that you have valuable information or a trustworthy product. Now add in the Call to Action. Have them sign up for a webinar, click to schedule a 30-minute free consultation, take advantage of a new customer discount, etc. 


Checking In Campaign 

A “Checking In” email campaign is for current or past clients and a great way to reconnect with customers who have used your product. Did they just attend your training webinar? Do a check-in email with a feedback survey. This email has a dual purpose of keeping you in the forefront of the customer’s mind, while also gaining helpful feedback on their experience, and capturing those important testimonials. 


5-Day Product Offer Campaign

The final and perhaps the most crucial is the 5-Day Product Offer. Your customers have engaged with you and participated in something you have provided, such as a webinar or watching a video sales letter. Now it’s your job to pitch the product. I suggest highlighting the product towards the end of the actual webinar and then using these emails post-event to stand out among similar products and clarify what you are selling. Just because they didn’t immediately move to purchase doesn’t mean they’re not interested. Perhaps they need to understand the offer more, or maybe they were on the fence, and your prompting pushed them to purchase.


Email sequencing is a great way to automatically connect with your customer. And while there is a small tech aspect to setting these up, once they are launched, it helps you convert your leads into paying customers! 


Ps. Need help with setting up your email sequencing? That’s what I’m here for!

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