Email Marketing vs. Sequences - What's the Difference?

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Email Marketing vs. Email Sequences is often confused for each other or even thought of as the same idea. Here are their biggest differences and some ideas to help you get started on incorporating both into your business! 

Starting with email sequencing: email sequences can get a little tech advanced but are a great way to stand out to your leads. The biggest overall difference with email sequencing is that the emails are trigger-based. When a customer or client does a task, such as leaving items in their online shopping cart or signing up for an email newsletter, they get a set of emails from your company. These can work for every business and do anything from welcoming them in, to cart reminders, to thank you emails, upsells, and much more.

Need ideas for what emails to send in email sequencing? I am here to help! Message me on Instagram.

Here are some ideas:

Are your customers giving their email to you?

  • Send a welcome email as soon as a customer enters their email into your system (via purchase, blog sign up, etc.). The overall goal is to bring a sense of familiarity and show that you value their business. 

Are you selling items online? 

  • Send your customers a "thank you for your purchase" email! Whether they are new or returning, these will impact and show that you want to keep them in the loop of their order. From here, you can highlight extra items or 'new in stock' items to keep them shopping & increase their cart value 😉

Now onto email marketing - this is easily one of the most popular forms of digital marketing. Email marketing is mass emailing customers, typically used to remind customers about your business & happenings. The biggest difference from email sequencing is that the emails are often sent to all of your email lists or a mass group at one specific time. Newsletters are typically sent weekly (or more!) and dive deep into what's happening with you and your business. 

Here are some ideas! 

  • Take the opportunity you have with your customers' attention and inform or educate them on what is happening in your company or industry! An example of this can be upcoming sales, business changes, or events in your business. Alternatively, if you are in the marketing industry and Instagram changes its app, inform your email list!  
  • Are the seasons changing, or are holidays coming? Prepare your customers with tips and tricks for preparing for changes or holiday events. 

Both email marketing and email sequencing are critical to running a company that has consistent contact with its customers. You want to make sure that you and your business stay at the forefront of your potential and past customers' minds. 

Need further help with email marketing and sequencing? I am here to help! Schedule a free 30-minute systems call so we can discuss your current strategy & ways to optimize it! 

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