Do Not Boost Post on Facebook or Instagram

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So you want to grow on social media? You have probably heard about boosting your posts. You pay social media platforms to boost engagement on one of your existing posts trying to reach your followers, a recommended audience, or a targeted audience. Sounds great, right? Well, maybe not so much. Here is why you should definitely rethink your decision to boost your posts. 

While boosting your Facebook posts may seem like an easy way to get a better reach and gain followers, each boost only shares your specific post, which can limit the information that people know about you and your company. 

Spending money to boost a post does not always mean you'll get followers. Most people think it will help their content 'go viral, but it's the complete opposite. 

When you boost a post, you tell FB or IG the type of people you want to target. A viral post gets picked up organically by a lot of people within and outside of your network. 

Boosting posts doesn't allow you to get very specific with who you target, nor does it target based on your FB pixels. So, for the most part, you're just paying to get a couple more likes, not followers, comments, shares, or saves. 

In my opinion, boosting posts does nothing for your page or engagement, and it's really a waste of money! You are better off doing the research and running a traffic or conversion ad if you want results. 

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