The Difference Between Instagram Reels and Tik Tok

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Tiktok and Instagram Reels may seem the same, but they have huge differences that can affect you and your content immensely! Let's hop into it. 

Tiktok is strictly videos and has two main pages for each user;  one "following" and one "for you." Following is specifically for posts made by pages the user is actively following. For you is based on content the user has previously viewed, followed, and what is popular. 

Instagram Reels are built directly into Instagram and mixed into each user's feed or in the "reels" button currently in the middle of the Instagram dashboard. They are mixed in and not as precise as what content is shown to the user. 

How much time can I use? 

  • Tiktok gives you the ability to upload videos for up to 60 seconds.
  • Instagram only allows videos for up to 60 seconds, but these can be turned into IGTV, which can continue in time length up to 1 hour.

What does each algorithm do? 

  • Tiktoks algorithm is shown at a huge scale. The company has such an algorithm that they have created the "For You Page" that shows people exactly what they are most likely to enjoy. The more you watch the app, the longer you watch certain videos, the more videos you send, like, comment, all of the above, blend into what makes it, so you have a more accurate "For You Page." 
    • When this comes to getting exposure, you can get exposure simply from just posting the TikTok. Your video has the chance to show up on millions of users' pages, just simply by posting like everyone else. 
  • On the other hand, Instagram Reels has more of just the explore page. This ends up being a melting pot of content going on with not a lot of algorithms. 
    • Exposure with Instagram Reels is very different from TikTok in this way. The content is random, but you get notified if you are featured in Explore. 
    • Instagram stated, "If your Reel is featured in Explore, you'll receive a notification. Featured reels are a selection of public reels chosen by Instagram to help you discover original content we hope will entertain and inspire you."

What content is wanted? 

  • Tiktok is extremely casual; users want to see reality and a mix of content. Often users will see a couple of videos of your page unless they look further into your page. But when looking at your page, they do not commonly look for a clean, cohesive look. 
  • Instagram is very different from that; the users are looking at more of a clean and Instagram feed type of look. Users go for the more professional Reel look on a profile rather than the "real world & casual" look seen on Tiktok. 

There is no good or bad app or way to use either app; if anything, use both! Post your videos on both, and mainly have fun!

Happy Filming! 

      -    Caroline Lewis Consulting 

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