Branding Myself versus a Product - What's the Difference?

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Are you the face and center of your company? Or maybe even the actual name of the company? Or, do you have a physical product you sell instead of a service? Amazing either way! But, let’s learn about the difference between branding yourself versus a product. 

First, you may question what branding yourself differently from your product even means. 

  • Branding yourself is what you are known for, separate from your product. 

Product Branding 

  • Overall, your marketing needs to be specific & direct to that product and what the product relates to. You want to keep your product and overall company on the same brand line, and having a cohesive look and cohesive content will boost your brand awareness. 

Personal Branding 

  • Personal branding simply means having multiple different brands, products, etc. Some people also use podcasts, courses, 1:1 private coaching, or being an author part of their personal brand. Your personal brand is a great place to showcase all the different parts of your life, including the different companies and projects you may have happening. 


If you are an eCommerce or product-based company, it’s better to brand the actual product instead of yourself. For example, your website & funnels are all about the product, and when it comes to the ‘about me’ section, it’s more about the general company, employees, how it was founded, etc. People will recognize the product as the brand >>> like Windex instead of S.C. Johnson.

If you are branding yourself, you can display a variety of products, services, and offers to your audience instead of focusing on one thing. For example, Caroline Lewis Consulting is 

  1. A marketing agency 
  2. A podcast host 
  3. A soon to be author and 
  4. A regular tech geek 🙂 

I share all kinds of information about me on my website, and when people connect with me, they recognize me as the brand - not my products as the brand. 

Keeping yourself separate from your company is a great way to draw in more customers through your personal brand and create brand loyalty through creating relationships with your followers.

I hope this makes sense! While I can’t help much with branding or rebrands, I know a lot of amazing companies who can. If you are looking for help, reach out!

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