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Top Platforms I Use for My Digital Marketing Agency

September 22, 20223 min read

It makes sense when running a Digital Marketing Agency, that you are aware of all things…digital. But an issue that is common for our industry is that there are a TON of options. There’s no wrong answer to which works best or worst, but there are definitely some top versions that help me, and my agency, flow better. So when you’re working to optimize and increase functionality for your business and your team, here are a few platforms I recommend.



This is my top recommendation! I run a Done For You Digital Marketing Agency - so when it comes to automation and sales funnels, I rely on DropFunnels. It’s fast - boasting the fastest download speed compared to other funnel software. It gives you unlimited funnels and a ton of great add-ons, including SEO, course builds, invoicing, pixel tracking, SMS marketing, and more. And it’s a great deal. For only $97/month you can have unlimited funnels and pipelines, automated integrations, course builds, add-ons, invoicing, and so much more.

Do it. Switch to DropFunnels. 



When it comes to email marketing and automation, I really like the seamless functionality of ActiveCampaign. It’s another great all-in-one software that helps to manage leads, create and schedule email automation, manage sales pipelines, and more. Plus, you don’t have to be super tech-savvy to get started with this, as it features a number of pre-built automation tools to get you started. 

Start Using ActiveCampaign Today!



My digital marketing company is based in Utah. But my team and my clients are based all over the world. So when it comes to client and project management, I turn to Asana. It helps the entire team keep track of a project and assignment - who is working on it, what’s up for review, what’s completed, and what’s coming up. You can speak to team members throughout the project, update the status, link your documents, and again, it’s a great deal for all that it does!



 And again, when my team is based all over the world, it’s important for us to be able to effectively communicate with each other on projects and clients. Slack is my go-to in order to avoid one-off email chains. This software organizes conversations into channels, provides search options, and really helps my team to collaborate and stay in sync.

GSuite & GDrive



And one more time, when my team and my clients are based all over the world, it’s important to stay in sync, but also stay secure. The GSuite and GDrive allow for my team to collaborate on multiple projects and client folders, by sharing within our company and with clients, and at the same time, staying secure. Everyone has Gmail accounts with custom email addresses, accessibility, security, and unlimited data. So this digital filing cabinet holds everything, in a locked vault of information. 



Canva is an amazing graphic design tool that allows for creative and professional designs, without having to purchase a full suite of graphic design products. Even beginners can jump in on this software with the ability to create custom designs on anything and everything - presentations, course builds, workbooks, social posts, posters, and so much more!

Update To Canva Pro Today!



GERU is a great investment if you’re working with sales funnels. Because this unique platform basically ‘runs the numbers’ for you before you even launch. It’s easy to use with drag-n-drop functionality, and it helps to plan, optimize, and successfully run your sales funnels and ad campaigns. You do digital marketing - consider this PRE-marketing. Allowing for you to plan for sales optimization and income generation. 

Which platforms do you use?

Disclaimer - I have affiliate links on this page. While it does not increase payment for you, I do make a very small affiliate compensation when you sign up through my links. Thank you for supporting my small business!


Caroline Lewis

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