Are You Using Email Marketing? If Not, You Are Making A Business Mistake

email marketing

You may have heard that email marketing is non-existent in 2022. With all the latest social media trends it can be easy to put all your focus on creating the next best TikTok video to grow your following.


But your contemporary communication methods shouldn't distract you from one of the oldest and yet most effective messaging channels — email.


Let me hit you with some stats:

-With a user base of over 4 billion (and increasing yearly), email marketing is far from being non-existent. 

-Email generates $36 for every dollar spent which is higher than any other channel.

-Marketers who used segmented campaigns noted as much as a 760% increase in revenue.


And these are just a few stats! To check out more email marketing statistics for 2022 check out this article here:


Now let’s dig into why you are making a big mistake if you aren’t leveraging email marketing in your business.


You don’t own your social media posts or contacts. email marketingThis one is huge, and a fact I drive home every time a discussion comes up about social media vs. email marketing. The content you produce and the platform it is hosted on are in no way owned by you. 


This means if one day Facebook or Instagram goes offline your only source of communication with customers or prospective clients goes offline too! 


That is why leveraging email marketing is so important because you own your list. The people who sign up for your list are showing that they want to keep up with your brand and what you have to offer. 


There are so many email marketing platforms out there but the one I recommend to all my clients is Aweber. You can sign up for free here:


Create Personalized Content & Segment Your Audience

email marketing

Another benefit of email marketing is the ability to customize your messaging with personalized content as well as segmentation. Your email marketing platform will host the database of emails + information you have obtained from those that have registered for your list. 


All of this information is extremely helpful when it comes to personalizing your messages and segmenting your audience. Being more personal in your emails has a perk; just including the first name of the recipient in their subject line causes a higher clickthrough rate than those that don’t.


Sending the right emails to the right customers at the right time is a guiding mantra in the email marketing world. That is our goal with any email marketing campaign we create. This is where segmentation comes in handy because it gives you the tools you need to bring that goal to life.


For example, you wouldn’t want to send a high ticket sales email to your clients who are already in your high ticket program. That makes your client feel more like a number than a human. You would want to exclude them from those marketing emails or better yet create a custom segment for your customers so you can be more strategic with what/when you pitch the active clients.


You can also create segmentation on engagement level, geography, and click-through status depending on which email marketing platform you choose.


Leveraging personalization and segmentation abilities in your email marketing can help you create targeted content and generate more sales which is a win-win!


Communicate directly with your audience + provide more value

email marketingImproving communication with your audience should always be your number one focus as a marketer. When your audience feels like they can talk to you, they are more likely to become loyal to your brand. 


Just think back to the last time you received a marketing email from a brand you love - did you enjoy the latest news they provided or was it an unwelcomed update? If it’s a brand you like, you probably enjoyed the experience. 


Along with these brand updates, you’ll be providing additional value for your audience so they keep coming back. By providing resources to prospects or customers you are cultivating your brand’s know, like, and trust with your audience.

With email marketing, you are able to elevate your reach and easily communicate the latest news and provide more value to your audience causing more people to pay attention and you’ll produce a higher ROI.


Generate Traffic to your site

email marketing

So you’ve created some great content but how do you disseminate it to your audience? One way is to share it on social media but not all of your followers will see it - thanks algorithm. So how do you get that quality blog post out to your people that need it?

You guessed it - email marketing. 


When someone is on your email list it is easy to pop them an engaging email that shares the amazing content you created and you’ll be assured that it will end up in their inbox not lost in their feed. 


With email marketing campaigns, you’ll send traffic to your site and improve your SEO. Be sure to include a call to action (CTA) so readers can click through to your site.


Increase Leads + Sales

email marketingNot everyone who joins your email list will be ready to make a purchase or sign up for your latest offer. Email gives you the opportunity to capture new visitors’ attention and nurture the relationship with valuable content. All of which improve conversions as a whole.

Say for example you download a lead magnet from a site that is selling a product you are considering purchasing. Then you start receiving drip emails that explain the benefits of the product and dive deeper into the information found in the free download. In the end, you decide to book a demo to learn more about their product and potentially purchase. 

You just moved from a marketing lead to a sales team lead which would have taken more man-hours had it not been for the automated email marketing campaigns that the company set up. 

In the same vein as increasing leads, we need to touch on increasing sales. While email marketing is clearly a great marketing tool, it can actually help improve your sales as well. 

59% of marketers say email is their biggest source of ROI and marketers who use segmented campaigns note as much as 760% increase in revenue. 

The campaigns that increase sales can look like product or service features, encourage customers to purchase after abandoning their cart or deliver special offers to loyal customers. 

Furthermore, you can automate emails as part of your sales process, which can help increase sales as well. 




In conclusion, email marketing is an excellent marketing channel to implement if you have not done so already. Honestly, you are making a big business mistake if you are NOT using it within your business now. From owning your contact, generating more sales, and communicating directly with people who want to hear from your brand, it is hard to understand why so many businesses leave this essential marketing piece out of their strategy.


My hope is that this blog post got your wheels turning about how email marketing can help you grow your business and that you will start up your email list today!


If you are to a point where you know you need to expand in this area but don’t know where to start, reach out to me here.


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