Analytics- Why You Should Read Yours Weekly & What Platforms I Use

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What are analytics, and why is everyone talking about them? Analytics track what kind of engagement is happening across your social accounts, website, funnels, and more. A business owner needs to look at who is interacting with them & why. It will help you save time because you maximize what’s working and not focus on what isn’t working!

So, what’s the best way to track everything? Google Analytics is my go-to! I use and have loved using Google Analytics. I can dive deep into how my site is performing, how my socials are performing, how my emails are performing, and more - all through one site! For all of these perks and the exciting part of analytics, make sure you have a Google Analytics account and attach your business. Now let’s get into what sections you really need to pay attention to! 

  1. Audience Insights

This is essentially how many users and new users your page is gaining. Audience Insights will also show you the bounce rate of your page too. What is a bounce rate? It is simply when a user lands on your website and then leaves without going to any other pages. You want a low bounce rate because that means your page is engaging & they are sticking around!

2.  Acquisition is another key element to look at. 

This will tell you where your traffic is coming from. What social platform is performing best? Is my traffic organic, referral-based, direct, or through paid ads? This is where you can hone in on what marketing strategies are working best for you and what may not be working so well. 

- Bonus- If you are connecting your email programmer, you will be able to look at your email conversions under acquisition >> campaigns.

     3.  Behavior of the users on your site.

Looking at what is most popular, least popular, and how each page interacts with. This can give you insight into what to market more, what needs to be edited within the website, and much more. 

Are analytics still confusing? No worries, schedule a 1-hour call with me, and I’ll make sure you're set up correctly and explain what Google Analytics is telling you about your company.

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