3 Ways To Increase Your Webinar Show Up Rates

The last couple of years has been a whirlwind of learning how to do everything virtually. But the positive of that is that you can reach so many people virtually and make connections you would never have thought were possible. Webinars are just one way to get yourself out there and educate those wanting to learn more about your offer! 

webinar show up rates

The biggest struggle I see with webinars is not getting people to show up. You might have 100 people registered, but how do I get at least 30% of them to join me live or watch my video? Don't worry; here are some tips to help with your webinar show-up or participation rate!

  1. Have an exclusive offer for attendees

Having an offer only for those attending the webinar is a great way for people to "trial run" your services & created a little bit of FOMO. In most cases, the viewers are already interested in what you do and have a general sense of the webinar. Giving viewers a special exclusive offer only if they show up is a great way of creating more FOMO and getting people to participate. This could look like a freebie, big discount, exclusive access to you, etc. 

webinar show up rates

      2. Select a time/date that suits your audience 

When deciding on what your topic will be for your webinar you want it to have a target audience. Knowing this target audience will help you look at times that fit your audience. If you are targeting people who have full-time jobs, maybe do your webinar on a Saturday morning. You want to try to avoid what may be busy times for your target audience. 


webinar show up rates


      3. Add a 'Add to calendar' to your confirmation email

Remembering an event after you signed up is difficult. We've got so much going on so how the heck am I suppose to remember a webinar? And missing it all because you forgot to put it on your calendar is even worse! You don't want this to be the situation with your viewers. So, solve this by adding an 'Add to calendar' feature in your confirmation email or text! 

No matter what may happen in the upcoming years, webinars are not going away! That is a good thing even though they may seem intimidating! 

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